HR Data Points: KPIs to track in a downturn

Which HR KPIs are the most important?

Eight Roads Ventures Europe hosted the first in a series of webinars for our portfolio People leaders. The webinar featured 22 people leaders from our European portfolio and a dispersed group of panellists - Peter De Moor in the Netherlands (OTAi), Thomas Forstner in London (Juro) and Maddy Cross, Partner at Erevena who kicked off the conversation.

Some key takeaways:

  • Different KPIs matter at different growth stages. Generally no ‘one size fits all’.
  • War for talent remains fierce – trending convergence emerging between early/later stage talent availability in 2023.
  • Salary inflation rise of 11.59% in Belgium pushing up salary levels across Europe for some companies.
  • Runway appears closer to 17 months, down from 35 in 2021 (based on trends coming from USA).

Peter at OTAi (a Series B hospitality SaaS helping hoteliers to make smarter revenue decisions in our portfolio), spoke of the importance of data in decision making. He gave us a sense of how they use data to optimize for common goals across the organisation, to understand which key metrics correlate at each level and why.

Thomas, whose scaled Juro’s business from 15 to 100+ (a Series B contract automation platform in our portfolio) shared that whilst all KPIs are important, not all will drive your top goals. He reminded us of the importance of re-assessing frequently, using data to hone in on the goals that impact NOW, suggesting keeping two sets of KPIs running in parallel can better inform business decisions both during a downturn but also in comparably ‘normal’ times.

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