Our investment in Chian Sec

Chian Sec, a Zero Trust platform provider in China, recently raised tens of millions of yuan in a new financing round, led by Eight Roads. The proceeds will be used for the company’s Zero Trust related R&D investment, talent recruitment and market expansion, as well as enhancing its zero-trust security products and solutions development and application.


Founded in April, 2021, Chian Sec is a cybersecurity start-up developing a unique and comprehensive Zero Trust platform encompassing products focusing on endpoint, network, application, and data based on identity-centric, default ‘deny’ response, and context-aware policies. Chian’s approach uniquely addresses today’s business challenges, including securing remote workers, hybrid cloud environments, and ransomware threats, by wrapping security around every user, device and connection for every single digital interaction. Yi He, founder and CEO of Chian Sec, has over 15 years of experience and previously he was Senior Director of Security at Perfect World.


Ju Zhang, Partner at Eight Roads, said: “As hybrid work model becomes a new trend,  Zero Trust technology and system are one of the best solutions for the future work environment as they can not only address security requirements but also maintain certain flexibility. Chian Sec’s team has rich experience in the industry and has developed a unique and comprehensive Zero Trust platform that can help customers efficiently address security issues and empower business development. Eight Roads is very pleased to support the company and its outstanding team in building a world-class business.”