Eight Roads Ventures Japan invests in J-Pharma

J-Pharma, a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company with a special focus on Solute Carrier (SLC) transporters, today announced that it has raised JPY 500 million ($4.8 million) in a Series D round led by Eight Roads Ventures Japan and F-Prime Capital.

The company has been conducting an array of unique drug developments by Hitoshi Endou MD., Ph.D., formerly a professor of Kyorin University Faculty of Medicine. J-Pharma has been placing the highest priority on the clinical development of its original inhibitors (JPH203 and OKY-034) of L-type amino acid transporter 1 (LAT1/SLC7A5) for the treatment of advanced cancer patients who are refractory or intolerant to standard chemotherapy.

By taking full advantage of the broad networks and deep expertise possessed by Eights Roads Ventures and F-Prime Capital, J-Pharma is endeavouring to conduct a pivotal registry clinical study of JPH203 to treat refractory advanced biliary tract cancer (BTC) in Japan. Additionally, J-Pharma will initiate preparation of a global registry study of JPH203 for the same indication through discussions with the US FDA. 

The company is developing OKY-034 to treat refractory advanced pancreatic cancer and LAT1 inhibitors to treat autoimmune diseases. They will continue to focus on the research and development of their proprietary, innovative medicines in areas with high unmet medical needs in collaboration with leading research institutions worldwide and prove the clinical usefulness of these medicines through strictly controlled clinical studies.

J-Pharma has raised a total of 2.246 billion JPY (21.60 million US dollars) to date.

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