Coho, the product-led revenue startup raises $8.5M

Coho AI, which uses AI to help B2B SaaS companies boost revenue, raises $8.5M in seed funding 

The round was led by our Europe Ventures team, TechAviv and other angel investors participated. The capital will be put toward product R&D and expanding the size of Coho AI’s team.

Coho AI has developed a unique data consolidation platform that models the business value of a software-as-a-service company and maps it to the behavior of the customers in real time using machine learning and advanced analytics,” Itamar Falcon told TechCrunch. “Coho AI’s behavioral modeling allows the crafting of personalized customer journeys that improve conversion metrics and help revenue teams, from sales and customer success, together with product teams, achieve higher growth and sales efficiencies.”

Coho AI’s target audience is sales, customer success and product teams within business-to-business (B2B) SaaS companies. The platform provides AI models to discover what makes a product “sticky” and what drives users to upgrade to a paid B2B SaaS subscription plan, as well as real-time usage models to spotlight upsell opportunities and churn risks and segmentation models to identify different users based on their behavior.

Beyond the AI-driven features, Coho AI delivers a single source of truth that sales, product and customer success teams can pull data from on both users and accounts. An observability dashboard enables growth teams to identify where users are in the customer journey and tailor a specific experience to reduce drop-offs, while real-time triggers highlight growth opportunities including “free-to-play” and upsells.

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“Coho AI’s platform enables SaaS companies to act on their product usage data like never before,” says Davor Hebel, Managing Partner at Eight Roads.