Sorina Casian-Botez
As part of the Principal Investments group, Sorina works with the leadership teams of portfolio investments in the healthcare space.

What do you like about your job? 

Eight Roads is home to an incredible group of people with the ambition to build a leading investment firm. More than the breadth of responsibilities and the direct impact of my work on our investment returns, it is the journey of building a unique and admired institution that I find most exciting.

What’s been the steepest learning curve of your career so far? 

Helping build young organisations into industry leaders in a fast-changing environment - I have done this twice so far in my career. Once, helping a South East Asian eye surgery platform grow from a highly successful but small base into a regional hub for eyecare excellence. Second, as part of the leadership team of the Harvard Business School Angels in London. Balancing an ambitious long-term vision with a realistic near-term execution plan is a challenge. The steepest learning curve has been continuing to innovate the delivery models in response to a changing environment, while maintaining a clear vision and the core values on which these organisations were built.   

Which sector or sub-sector do you feel particularly enthused about right now and why? 

Healthcare is going through an exciting time. We are pushing the boundaries of technology and breaking down old delivery models in the search for better outcomes. It is a sector where best practices can be developed worldwide.  More importantly, having worked on women’s health initiatives in Eastern Europe, and eye surgery clinics in South East Asia, I directly witnessed the impact of such investments on human lives and livelihoods. My enthusiasm about healthcare is more than just professional – for me, this sector has a deep personal meaning. 

How would you describe the culture and team at Eight Roads?

Being part of the Fidelity family, we have a strong culture of teamwork, but we are also an ambitious, hardworking and disciplined group of investment professionals. In many companies the emphasis is on either one or the other. Within Eight Roads we are achieving a balanced mix of both. We are a tightly-knit and entrepreneurial team working to build industry-leading businesses and an enviable track record of returns.

If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self what would it be?

Never put limits on how high you set your goals. Conventional wisdom can sometimes limit our views of what we can hope to achieve – in our education, our chosen career path, or in our industry. But the impossible is an exciting goal to pursue and, more often than we think, achievable.