Lillian Li
Lillian joined Eight Roads after two years at Salesforce Ventures. She focuses on Enterprise SaaS, Data & Analytics, and Infrastructure.

What motivates you?

The pursuit of curiosity, the desire to be helpful, the ability to think deeply, and the belief that technology can be a great equaliser.

What’s been the steepest learning curve on your career journey so far?

My career so far has been blessed / blighted by steep learning curves. A highlight is my first case in management consulting. I had to cold call dialysis experts in Indonesia to get market insights at 4am GMT. We weren’t paying them for this info. For the record, I do not speak Indonesian or any of their many various dialects. It was a lesson in persistence, Google Translate and the kindness of strangers.

Which tech trend are you most excited about at the moment and why?

Nothing dates a person like talking about exciting trends in technology, I will say it is exactly what you’re also excited about right now.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Learn to discard beliefs when they are no longer useful to you and what you’re trying to achieve. That’s not even the hard part. The hard part is knowing what beliefs to keep.

What is the company you wish you’d backed and why?

Salesforce – it pioneered the transition to the cloud, created a revolutionary new business model in the process, and has been writing the playbook for go-to-markets for B2B companies ever since. I did the next best thing and worked there.