Kevin Kimber
Venture Partner
Kevin is a Venture Partner in Europe and a member of the Eight Roads value-add team. Kevin uses his extensive software experience to advise the portfolio on go to market and sales strategy.

What motivates you?

People and market disruption. Taking a new approach to an existing market or a brand new market and building a high performance environment to execute it.

What’s been the steepest learning curve on your career journey so far?

Without question the steepest learning curve was launching ServiceNow into EMEA in 2006. In six very fast years we took the company public, during that time I learnt a huge amount and was exposed to so many new areas and challenges. Having spent the past 12 years building businesses I am excited to have moved to the investing side and to help the next wave of companies succeed.

Which tech trend are you most excited about at the moment and why?

Beyond the obvious AI and Machine Learning which present all industries with huge opportunities to simplify and innovate, I am fascinated by transportation as a service, and the far reaching potential this has in terms of society and the role that technology has to play.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

It's slightly cliché but "it's better to try and fail fast than don’t try at all."

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